Surveillance Security by Kissimmee Locksmith

Some additional security tips:

  • Strong deadbolts:

No matter how much technology advances, it is really difficult for it to beat human minds. Burglar or thieves will always be able to come up with ways to break the strongest of locks.  Therefore just to be sure that your home is safe, search for a deadbolt with a high gage metal configuration and a throw that is no less than 1-inches in length.

  • Solid core doors:

You may put up the most complex of locks, but without a door strong enough, it’ll be of no good. All the burglar will have to do is kick the door down and boom, there it goes along with its expensive lock. What you need is a strong core or metal door, which can withstand some pressure. A nice lock will only be a cherry on top of the cake for a door such as this.

  • Warning signs:

They may not amount to much, but they can psychologically take down a burglar. It’s far easier to deal with one that has fear settled in the back of his mind than a rather confident one.